Meeting young entrepreneurs is always exciting


I really like to interact with students. I know that the future of the world is with the students of today and to be able to make any significant change in the world you have to reach out to the students. Another specific reason why I like to interact with students is that it gives me an opportunity to share my experiences and possibly inspire young entrepreneurs among them to set out on their own. I believe that only those people who are willing to take that extra risk will be able to make that extra impact in this world. Today I met one such future entrepreneur at my office.

As usual the GLUG gang dropped by my office today evening. At almost the same time one of the people who had come for the GNU/Linux Install fest came in with his PC to have Ubuntu installed on his machine. I was supposed to set it up for him and was planning to do it. Around the same time this young would-be entrepreneur also dropped by. Thankfully the gluggies took up the installation happily and I got to spend a productive one hour with this guy.

He is still in college and is already dreaming of becoming the owner of the next Google or YouTube. He had lot of questions on how to set up his company and about operations and financing. I shared whatever I knew about the topics and my experiences. It is people like him that India needs for the future. People who are confident of their capabilities and who are willing to do that extra bit of work and take that extra bit of risk to try out things that could possibly return huge rewards.

Kerala society is so backward in this aspect. I am afraid for him about his family and his relatives. I am pretty sure that he will have to face protests and rebukes from his relations and friends for setting out into uncharted territories. Keralites like to play it safe - do the dull job, earn the steady revenu and die peacefully. I hope that guys like him would set the trend and lead the way.

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