Script to connect automatically to Reliance broadband internet connection

We had switched to a Reliance broadband internet connection recently from our Asianet connection. Reliance connections requires you to authenticate via http to get connected to the Internet. This was a minor inconvenience since we wanted to connect and remain connected without having to login manually. For this we created a script that will login automatically to the Reliance broadband connection and will also reconnect automatically if the connection is dropped. The script that we created has been released via our github account as Free Software under GPL.

The script is available via the zyxware github account. Our script was created by modifying a python script released by Kunal Dua - - which was released as Free Software by him. Thanks to him for that.

Since this is Free Software, feel free to use, modify and distribute the script. You might also want to make a small contribution to FSF if you think this script is useful for you. If there had not been any FSF or GPL or Free Software you wouldn't have been able to use this software in the first place :-).

Don't you hate it when ISPs try to act extra smart and in turn make it hard for users to use their services. :-)

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