Turn off your lights and join Earth Hour on Sat 28-3 at 8:30 PM

World over people have been slowly realizing the seriousness and enormity of the problem of global warming. One of the campaigns that has been growing in size and reach has been the Earth Hour campaign. Join hands with the global community for Earth Hour 2009 and turn off your lights for an hour at 8.30pm Saturday 28 March. Zyxware has pledged support for the campaign by displaying banner on our website also by powering down at the said time.

Turning off lights for an hour is not going to stop global warming but it will act as a token of support for the campaign and as a message to our political leaders that we do care about global warming and that we want our future generations to inherit the earth in the same condition we inherited it from our forefathers.

You can join and support this campaign by

1) Telling your friends about this campaign and pointing them to www.earthhour.org

2) Organizing an earth hour in your city. www.earthhour.org has all the resources to guide you as to how to do this.

3) Blogging about Earth Hour and post banners about it on your site.

I have decided to turn off lights in my house and Zyxware for the said hour in support of the campaign and also by running Earth Hour banners on zyxware.com as well as on this site. Do join and support this noble cause - not for me, not for others but for your own sake.

I have come across ur website, orkut profile, interviews posted in orkut and ur gr8 blog.It was indeed a pleasure going thru all ur posts and also the commets.May ur free software enterprise grow and prosper well .Ur philanthropist and diplomatic way of thinking and working is indeed very much required in a country like INDIA.

Ur helping mentallity is laudable and beneficial to the society and the common man. Ur attempt in providing info abt free softwares was great and really touching.

Bill Gates once said to Suhas Gopinath "My dear , i am afraid of U cos I had started my busIness only at the age of 20 but U have started the business at 14...I fear u"

U are good at heart and compassionate...wish u all the good success..

As orkut says"Great works are performed, not by strength, but by perseverance "
"Do not fear going forward slowly; fear only to stand still "
" A well-directed imagination is the source of great deeds "

I cudn't see a place to put a general comment,thats y I had put under a post

Dear Manu,

Thank you for your kind words. What I am doing is only what I think people should be doing if they think rationally. I am happy to know that there are people like you out there who share similar ideas and visions. Together we should be able to contribute towards changing our planet for the better.


Earth Hour is a good way of reminding people that we need to conserve energy in order to save the planet earth. With the busy life we have today we often forget that we still need to take good care of our environment. Global warming is the biggest environmental problem that we have today. Just recently, Pres. Obama has come up with Cash for Clunkers program. He is trying to get dealerships to offer a great cash advance for trading in older vehicles. The idea here is to motivate people to buy vehicles with greater fuel efficiency, or use public transportation. We're entering an age of green practices, and driving around a Pontiac Bonneville the size of an elephant just isn't the greatest idea any more. At any rate, those of us that wish to dispossess ourselves of a gas hog in lieu of something that is a bit lighter on the wallet, Cash for Clunkers might be just what the doctor ordered.

The Global Warming Scam is being proved time and time again to be a tax raising scam and just isn't happening. When will you people wake up and see what a huge ride you are being taken on.
At 8.30pm tonight I and many people who are also awake to the AL Gore carbon Trading Tax Scam will be turning all our lights ON for an hour!

What about the global energy shortage issue? Do you think that is not for real too? If that is the case shouldn't we work along for reducing energy consumption if not for preventing global warming but for ensuring energy security?

See what I mean............. http://www.global-warming-and-the-climate.com/arguments-against-global-warming.htm

Is there any valid scientific proof that it can't happen? Counting references does not really help. I might as well be able to come up with online references that will support the theory of Global warming.

Thank you for proving that you are a complete idiot for excepting the premis that you are going to do anything good by turning your lights off other than being a sheeple idiot.

Global Warming Is A Big Scam I Wont Be Turning Any Of My Lights Off.

do your research seriously

If man is making the earth warmer

then how did the last iceage end???
why is Mars getting warmer????

use your minds and THINK FOR YOURSELF

good day

OK those are good questions. Let me illustrate with an example.

Big bang happened - that was a big explosion and not caused by man.

Now if I have a container with a highly compressed fuel gas mixture and I turn on a spark plug inside the container, would the explosion be caused by my action of lighting the spark or by whatever causes that caused the big bang?

I hope you understood what I meant. We cannot compare these different scenarios.

A drop of water to a glass of water will always increase the amount of water in the glass no matter how you look at it.

You might be interested in checking this out.


If you were so sure you would have left your credentials behind so that people interested in knowing more could contact you.


For every scientist, article, and has-been politician you trot out that tells me I am destroying the Earth I can find three that say global warming is a scam.

I feel sorry for those of you that have been scammed!

I am going to agree for argument sake that global warming is a scam.
Now consider the following questions...
Do you contest the fact that the world is facing acute energy shortage problems? Do you contest the fact that the identified oil reserves are going to run out in the near future? Do you contest the fact that we are living on the borderline where we are finding it difficult to meet our global energy requirements using traditional energy sources? Do you contest the fact that 20% of the world accounts for 80% of the energy consumption. Such being the case, if the remaining 80% takes up similar extravagant living habits as the current 20% the world demand for energy would increase 300%. And finally do you contest the fact that alternative energy sources are not yet fully into the mainstream because of the high initial investment costs.
I don't think you can contest any of the above statements. Now if that is the case I would rather promote the scam that global warming is and work towards reducing energy consumption where ever possible.

Thanks for promoting Earth Hour! Another way you can recruit people to the cause is by creating a Earth Hour group on Commit21.com. Simply create a group about one action that you will commit to do for Earth Hour and recruit your friends, family, and co-workers to get involved in that action as well. When it comes to climate change, simple actions can make huge differences and Commit21 leverages social media to influence networks of friends, family, and co-workers. Check it out at http://www.commit21.com/

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