Don't ever give up - irrespective of whatever


I normally don't give up on anything that I set my mind upon. I don't always succeed in everything I do but I almost always give my best shot in trying to do the things that I want to do. I have been following this policy, ever since I started thinking on my own and taking decisions on my own. I have also been advocating this policy to people I know and meet in business and to prospective entrepreneurs.

What prompted me to write on this topic is a blog that I came upon today. The blog is written by a lady who is fighting cancer. In spite of this tough situation and a very stiff battle with cancer she is maintaining a very healthy positive frame of mind. I maintain a positive attitude myself but I don't face the kind of tough situation that she faces. I was amazed to read about her and her blog.

I have seen people in far far better conditions griping about life and its unfairness. But here was a lady who was taking everything, including cancer in her stride and trying to spread positive thinking in others. I respect her courage and hope that she gets through her struggle successfully. I know that there must be other people who face similar conditions and still maintain an optimistic view of life, but when I saw her blog I felt I had to blog about her and share this information with people I know.

Hi, my name is Shanti Sherna from Ukraina. I'm 27 y.
I just love to read this forum articles & topics discussed here.


Thought-provoking.. :-) And it has started to pain in various parts of my body and mind after reading her blog! I don't think I'll be reading it again, but I got the idea :-) Thanks!

Thanks for sharing the info, bro - her blog just got me thinking about lot many things that just seems taken for granted in life!

And, yes - never say die! Had some great moments in life with that policy... infact, don't be surprised if you see a post on mine on these lines - you did inspire me to write on a few!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. What an awesome posts and excellently put.
We get through life with so many struggles which are meant to provide us strength and wisdom to get through other obstacles.
Playing victim will never ever work in life except cause loss of respect for yourself and others for you. I love touching the lives of others who have played victim or just feel sorry themselves over small things like loss of job, debts, or of reactions to them. Some of these might sound major, but winning huge battles in life just makes you strong where these events seem so minor. You can't give up in life.

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