Perseverance is the only guaranteed way to success.


I wrote quite a while back about this close friend of mine who was trying to make it in the music industry as a Music Director. It looks like he has already gone a long way in this direction. He had since then started a music company and has already created and released an album - Megha Malhar. Pretty impressive stuff for somebody who had to work his way against the system and get out of the career he has been trained for by the system to follow a career as directed by his passion.

Cleanliness is only a perception, it is all about concentration


A couple of days back I re-washed a dish which I felt was not clean enough to my liking. While doing that I thought of all the people out there who would not have bothered doing what I had done and then suddenly this struck me - whatever I was defining as cleanliness was still only a perception.

My mothers home remedy for curing sore throats - It works !!!


Today I woke up with a bad sore throat. Sore throats are nothing to worry about and my body normally takes care of it in 2-3 days normally and they don't affect my work. But this time I couldn't take that risk as I had to leave for Kasargod for the upcoming Freedom Walk in another two days. I cannot afford to miss the starting date as I am the only person who has currently volunteered for the whole walk from Kasargod to Trivandrum and if I miss the start date, there wouldn't be another person as there is not another person who has committed for the full stint. I woke up with the growls associated with sore throats and my mother, who is currently with me, spotted this and deduced the cause. She immediately concocted a potion and brought it to me.

Thanks to all people who helped in the GNU/Linux Install Fest at Technopark


The GNU/Linux Install Fest at Technopark concluded successfully on the 5th and we packed and came back to Zyxware after a hectic week at Technopark. We had also deployed India's first Freedom Toaster which currently sits grandly near the reception counter of the Nila building in Technopark. Our complete hardware sales and services operations had come virtually to a standstill during this one week. However it was a big relief to have completed the fest successfully.

Don't ever give up - irrespective of whatever


I normally don't give up on anything that I set my mind upon. I don't always succeed in everything I do but I almost always give my best shot in trying to do the things that I want to do. I have been following this policy, ever since I started thinking on my own and taking decisions on my own. I have also been advocating this policy to people I know and meet in business and to prospective entrepreneurs.

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