How my work is taking control over my life

I am an aggressive advocate of the policy of trying to be in control over ones own life. Absolute control over ones life is a myth as man is a social animal and there are too many interdependencies and too many external parameters that he cannot possibly be in control of. Buy my philosophy is to take control of at least those parameters of your life which you can possibly control. You can never get in complete control over your life but you can control it to varying degrees depending on your circumstances. There were certain areas of my life that I was under the impression of having been in complete control over but which proved to be not so.

I used to be very particular with making myself available to spend time with friends who visit town. The simple reason being, it is kind of nice to meet friends once in a while. I am not very particular about keeping in touch over phone or email as I have started embracing web as a medium where I can broadcast my updates and friends who care enough to check it out can update themselves of happenings at my end and me likewise. and

I think I have been successfully following this policy for the last two years - at least with those of my close friends. But I have failed to follow the protocol for the last two cases. The worst part was, these were two of my closest friends. Could I have visited them if I had tried hard enough - possibly yes. But I have been physically stretched to my limits during these past 2-3 weeks. I am doing 16-18 hour days on a regular basis and am letting nothing come in the way of my work.

Looking at it this way, it looks like my work has taken control over some aspects of my decision making. But my work is my decision. It is the direct progression towards my objective which I had decided. So I have effectively decided to put my work in front of my friends. Sad - yes, sacrificial - possibly yes, regret - no. I am dead set on giving my best to achieve what I have set out to achieve and these are small sacrifices that I have to make on the way.

It is however still interesting to see that I have come to this position for which I have frankly criticized some of my close friends for. The only justification I can give is that I am not doing this for myself but rather for my vision which is again directly for the society as a whole. I think it is fine to sacrifice a little of my emotional satisfaction for the cause, which I hope my friends would understand(gulp). The topic I have touched on is also an interesting topic and I should probably spend some time and write a more detailed post on my philosophical blog

Hullo AJ, you have been tagged - after all that walking you need a bit of fun :-)

Fun? me? No thanks :-)

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