Articulating the vision behind and mission of Zyxware and beyond

Yesterday I had a long conversation with my cousin Thomas who is running his own firm in Bangalore (Stylus Inc). We normally have these long cousin-cousin talks once in a while, where he would closely enquire about happenings with Zyxware and share his contextually relevant experiences in building up his firm. Yesterday we discussed about the vision behind and mission of Zyxware and he impressed upon me the need to get it out in the public.

There were several reasons why this was important.

1) Through this process, I will be able to bring more clarity to the vision and mission.
2) By allowing people to scrutinize, I will bring more accountability for my own and Zyxware's actions towards the stated objectives.
3) By publicizing the vision and the mission, I would increase my chances of getting in touch with similar people who share similar ideas.
4) Doing so would further improve chances of hiring people who are interested in pursuing this vision and mission for their own sake.
5) Finally this would also take out the perceptions about Zyxware in people's minds and replace it with objective statements.

Now it is not an easy task to be doing this. I have been planning to start my own business since my 4th grade in school. The reasons and the objectives have undergone several rounds of overhauling through the years. The vision has become clearer and mission more solid. But all of this has been built on a fundamental framework of rationale, principles, ethics and of course assumptions :-). Explaining the vision and mission would therefore require me to expose this framework bit by bit for them to make sense to people seeing it.

I have been discussing on general philosophical questions that I come across on my more serious blog - Thondom Raughts. I will keep doing this but along with it will systematically try to expose the framework of thought behind the entity that is being created as Zyxware. So be prepared for the unraveling of the secret world of my thoughts on Zyxware and beyond.

Hi Anoop John,

We are waiting for your blog posts on the above. As I am able to see from your other posts
that you are involved in FS activities all over kerala, yours is one of the few blog posts
that contains something more than "Hi " "Hello" or some personal ramblings and concentrating on important issues.

Yeah - the decision has been taken. Now I have to squeeze in enough time to get this through. I have tonnes of stuff pending from the two months I was out of circulation and I have quite a few things lagging. But I should get this going soon. Keep on the look out :-)

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