Finally, we became a proud member of Drupal Association

We (Zyxware) started working on Drupal around two and a half years ago. I had selected drupal as the platform to work with after countless hours of review of other solutions. Ever since we started working with drupal, I used to pull up Drupal Association and toy with the idea of joining the association because I wanted to do more than contribute code to drupal. Finally I took the plunge and signed up Zyxware as a formal member of Drupal Association

I feel proud to have done what I did because Drupal is one of the sweetest pieces of code that I have worked with so far and I am in love with it. The code is beautiful, the architecture is superb and the community is just amazing. We have been contributing in terms of modules, patches, discussions etc in the past but I really wanted to go that extra bit and become a paid member of the association. It is only a very small token of appreciation for what Drupal has given back to the Free Software community.

I strongly recommend drupal as a platform of choice for any PHP novice who is interested in really putting in effort and climbing up the capability ladder. Drupal gives you the very best in terms of what you can achieve with PHP programming and the community will help you all along the way. The opportunity to contribute is the biggest reward of all. We have had commit rights to the contributions repository for quite some time and I feel that, it is one of the most rewarding aspect about being involved with Drupal. To see your contributions being used by a lot of people is truly a gratifying experience.

I am really excited to see the most active developers in ( Especially a firm from India ) .

Interesting to see your commits for new themes and all . Great work and congrats for becoming the proud member of Drupal Association ( Though many people just make money from open-source with out contributing to it, which is a pitty ) .

Thanks for the kind words. Our inspiration is people like you and all the Free Software community out there who value Free Software for what it is. Are you a member of the FSUG Tvm? If not do join it



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Is it possible to run eccommerce based stores using a tool like Drupal, or is it more for content sites like blogs ?


Yes it is possible to run ecommerce sites using Drupal

I think drupal is much better for large communities which need forum.

Thanks for sharing.

Drupal is I think best suited for large community sites which need a forum like functionality, while wordpress is the best choice for hardcore bloggers.

Great efforts dear. I recommend drupal for a full fledged content management system, and mostly community based websites. But for simple installations without a community and for simple blogging, I would recommend wordpress.

From a Wordpress Lover ;)

I would rephrase it as - "If it is plain blogging and a community of readers use Wordpress, for anything else use Drupal" :-)

congratulations from designersindia!!!


Wow. This is awesome news :) Cheers!

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