FREE Online Audit of Drupal sites - first online product from Zyxware


I am happy to announce the release of the first online product from Zyxware - Drupal Site Review. This is a free service that will allow you to run an online audit of your Drupal site. No sign ups are required and you will only have to submit the website URL and the email where you want the report to be sent.

Script to connect automatically to Reliance broadband internet connection

We had switched to a Reliance broadband internet connection recently from our Asianet connection. Reliance connections requires you to authenticate via http to get connected to the Internet. This was a minor inconvenience since we wanted to connect and remain connected without having to login manually. For this we created a script that will login automatically to the Reliance broadband connection and will also reconnect automatically if the connection is dropped. The script that we created has been released via our github account as Free Software under GPL.

We (Zyxware) are looking for more Software Engineers


I guess this is becoming the most popular topic on this site of late. Yes you are right - we are hiring again. And obviously we are looking for more software engineers. Zyxware is growing exponentially and we are looking to hire as many good candidates as we can find. You can APPLY ONLINE as in the past. More positions are open and you can see details at Zyxware Careers. Like in the past FOSS contributions would give candidates a strong advantage over other applicants.

Software Engineer positions open at Zyxware


We are looking for more people to expand our software development team. More positions are open and you can see details at Zyxware Careers. After having used Naukri successfully for our last round of hiring in June we have posted the job ad for PHP Developers - http://bit.ly/9EBeOL - again in Naukri. Like in the past FOSS contributions would give candidates an extreme advantage over other applicants.

Zyxware is hiring again


Multiple positions are open at Zyxware. Unlike in the past we are looking primarily to hire experienced hands this time. As had been true in the past, demonstrable Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) contributions would give candidates an extreme advantage over other applicants. Please see Zyxware Careers to see more details and apply.

Software Project Manager position open at Zyxware


As we (Zyxware) are gearing to enter the next phase in the life of our company i.e. growing from a small business to a medium enterprise we are looking for people to take up key positions in our operations. One position which we are planning to fill as soon as possible is that of a Project Manager. We are looking for a mid level IT professional with good Project Management capabilities for this position

We are looking for a Marketing Manager

We (Zyxware) are looking for a Marketing Manager to bolster our sales and growth. We have been depending on passive marketing ever since we started but we have reached a stage where we need a person who can dedicatedly focus on marketing and growth through marketing. The person we are looking for should also understand that we are a company which was started with a vision and hence has a very strong commitment towards our ethics and principles. There are also other interesting positions open. Check out Zyxware Careers for more details.

Finally, we became a proud member of Drupal Association

We (Zyxware) started working on Drupal around two and a half years ago. I had selected drupal as the platform to work with after countless hours of review of other solutions. Ever since we started working with drupal, I used to pull up Drupal Association and toy with the idea of joining the association because I wanted to do more than contribute code to drupal. Finally I took the plunge and signed up Zyxware as a formal member of Drupal Association

A thief, a failed robbery attempt and 450 parathas


We must really be famous. News about our fame and riches have even percolated to the underworld as well. What else can you infer from the recent burglary attempt at Zyxware One. Oh, by the way, our office locations are now known as Zyxware One and Zyxware Two. Numbering not scalable? - Yeah I know. It would be funny talking about Zyxware Sixteen Thousand Three Hundred and Eighty Four :-). Back to the little robbery story.

Need house / office for Rent in Trivandrum City

Update: I have got three places to move out to. So I am no longer looking for houses :-). Thanks for all those who saw the request and tried to help and all those who saw the request and ignored the request for help and those who saw the request and could not help. I got a house for rent near Kesavadasapuram opposite MG College for my computer sales and services outfit and a doublet house at Muttada for Software development and my residence.

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