Good friend of 14 years dies


I met her during the summer vacation after my 10th. I still remember the day when my uncle introduced me to her one afternoon while visiting my uncle and aunt at Kottayam. We had been very close friends since then and I look back with a heavy heart, the good times we have had together. She was more than a friend to me and she had a place very close to my heart. She had been unwell lately and this sad demise was in the offing but I never realized that it was going to happen so fast.

It all started 14 years back right after my 10th class exams. I had gone to spend a day at my aunt's place at Kottayam. We then went shopping sometime in the afternoon. We met her at one of those shops next to Bakery junction where my uncle introduced me to her. She was smart and good looking. I took to her instantly.

Since then we had been very good friends and we have been in touch through the thick and thin over the years. I had since then moved to Trivandrum and incidentally she moved too and our relationship grew stronger. Around the time I was doing my engineering she developed some health problems and had to undergo treatment. Hers was a special condition and there was only one place in Trivandrum which could take care of her. I had been with her to the place and was happy to see them taking good care of her. She recovered fast and was back to running shape soon.

My parents had known about her and they were happy to see us together. She was perfect, but for her health. She had total freedom in my house. We have been to lot of places together and I remember having some of my happiest times with her.

Her health was failing but that did not prevent her from going to the US. I went to the US too and we were in close touch while in the US. After being in the US for around 5 years, when I decided to quit my job there and come back to India to live for the cause, she did not complain and decided to come back too. She had been a silent listener to a lot of discussions I had with a lot of my friends about my passion about my vision and my plan to dedicate my life in pursuing that. She could feel my pulse and I was not surprised at all to see her come back to India with me.

Back in India, her health worsened. It was still only place in Trivandrum which could treat her condition. Right after her return she had to spend several days at the place. We were all losing hope but she kept ticking. It was a refreshing sight to see her face even when she was undergoing treatment. Her condition recurred several times after that and I had been with her all these trips to the place. One of these visits the person who was in charge of her treatment called me aside and asked me to be prepared for the worst.

I couldn't take it initially. I was hoping against hope that she was going to make it. She had to have an organ transplant but there was none available. Once before she had to have a transplant, they got one from Chennai. That option was checked once again but it was not to be. She came back after treatment and her face didn't show any signs of the fact that she was dying. Her face was pleasant as always.

I tried to be with her as much as possible but with my busy schedules it was getting tougher and tougher to take care of her. She was getting slower and slower. I had never seen her like that and I knew it was coming. Then one day it happened, she died. I was with her when it happened. She spent her last few minutes of her life on my hand. Her face still had that pleasant look. I didn't cry.

Here I write an epitaph for her. It reads -

We had some good timex while you were alive.
Rest in peace my friend, rest in peace.

Name: Timex
Model: Lextra
Make: 1995

Too much!!

I can't believe that you read that in 1 minute. I must have been more than a minute :-)

5 mins...I actually measured how much time my sister took to read it :)
The look on her face at the end of it was worth the 5 minute wait !!

Amazingly well written da...seriously. Any day if you feel the need for an alternate career, you know what to do.

May your friend rest in piece. BTW I lost a similar friend of 7 years on a bus ride. Too bad, she couldn't find her way back home

Thank you for validating your reaction by testing it out on your sister. One of my cousins tested it out on my parents and almost caused heart attacks :))

Anoop, read this blog if you get time..
the person who wrote this is different , i feel


Thanks for the pointer. BTW there is another interesting coincidence here. is hosted with us and the domains registered through Zyxware domains


Its too good... Amazing narration.. :)

You should do some script writing kind of stuff...for movies

That is the first time somebody has told me that. People have asked me to go professional mosquito killer, professional carpenter but scrip writer, never. I should shortlist my career options now :-)


change the job, you can do better. ;)


What was that supposed to mean? Quit writing or Quit running my business? Wooo - both look horrifying :-)

Touching ! I am sure she is "watch"-ing you from the heaven. One question, Did you "screw" her properly, enough number of times? That could have prolonged her life a little more. But again, perhaps it was just a matter of "time". ;-)

But please don't repeat it! lol. i came to this one after reading this touching sotry so for a moment i thought...

Thanks for sharing that story about Colby Curtin. Very touching indeed. I am sure you must be knowing about the Make-A-Wish Foundation and their Indian arm

you took her to US and back after so many years? wow. i have a similar one at home and if you had informed on time, we could have exchanged some organs and tried our best haha.

anyways, time for a break after the mourning!

Do you still have that one around. I am not sure what is the 'organ' that is not working but I was told that they don't get the parts from Chennai anymore.

Taking her to the US and back was no big deal, I have quite a few 'friends' to whom I did the same thing ;)

I can understand you completely, i had big trouble giving up my friend 6 years(similar timex lextra).

Yea, I liked the model very much, especially the scratch guard. Otherwise I would have had to replace the glass once every few years. Even with the guard the glass was pretty scratched. The engine was very reliable too, that was until it broke down.

This was done in bad taste.

I can understand your feeling Anoop. :(



Alright..I'll forgive you this ONE time. Dont ever repeat this again :|:|

Haven't you heard about the poetic license? This is a variation of that - bloggeristic license. I have done this before and I might do it again ;)

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