Is it today, tomorrow or yesterday?

It was August 18th Tuesday 2.30AM. I woke up with this big dilemma - "Is it today, tomorrow or yesterday. It all started the previous Friday, the 14th, the day before India's 63rd Independence day. But before that, a context about my definition of today, tomorrow and yesterday.

For me a day begins not when the clock chimes 12 midnight for I normally would be up with the 'previous days' work. For me the day begins when I wake up, anything before that is yesterday and anything after the next wake up is tomorrow. For simplicity let us call this Anoop Standard time or AST. AST by default syncs with the local standard time but differs from it only in the definition of day, night and dates. Day starts when Anoop wakes up and Night starts when Anoop goes to sleep. A new date starts only at daybreak by AST. By definition a day does not necessarily have to have a daytime and a nightime associated with it. Unless explicitly mentioned a time reference is implied to be in the local timezone. Simple isn't it?

On Friday one of our clients requested to get an urgent work completed for Monday. The next day was Independence day and it would have been criminal to ask one of my team members to come to office to finish the work. So I decided to do it myself. I started with it on Friday, sat the whole night and then went to bed at 10AM on Saturday. I woke up at 6:30PM Saturday, when Saturday started according to AST. Sat through Saturday night and went to bed at 11AM on Sunday. I then woke up at 8:30PM and worked all the way till 6:30PM on Monday and went to bed.

Since it was still less than 24 hrs since Sunday started by AST, I went to sleep for Sunday night AST. I woke up at 2:30AM on Tuesday Since the previous day was Sunday (AST) I should have woken up into Monday (AST). But it was already Tuesday(IST). 'Today' was Tuesday by IST but it should have been Monday by AST. If it was Monday by AST then I was already into tomorrow w.r.t AST since it was already Tuesday by IST. But if it was Tuesday by IST then I would have been in Yesterday w.r.t IST because I was only in Monday by AST. But you can only be in 'Today' so the question was "What day was it?". I finally decided to remove Monday 17th of August from AST, like Pope Gregory did during calendar reshuffling.

After I woke up on Tuesday, I had Monday's dinner as breakfast and then went to work. I worked till 8:30PM and then went to bed. My biological clock got reset and AST day/night got in sync with IST after a very long time and I woke up at 7AM on Wednesday. So now I know how to reset my biological clock. It is as simple as taking out the BIOS battery in your CPU ;-)

I understand why you absolutely had to start your own company! he he ;-)

I would only call it part of the perks. I hope you know the real reason why I had to start my own company.

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