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Is it today, tomorrow or yesterday?

It was August 18th Tuesday 2.30AM. I woke up with this big dilemma - "Is it today, tomorrow or yesterday. It all started the previous Friday, the 14th, the day before India's 63rd Independence day. But before that, a context about my definition of today, tomorrow and yesterday.

And the earth continued to rotate

I woke up today expecting the earth to have stopped rotating on its axis or to have stopped revolving around the sun. It looks like neither happened and she was already past midway between her daily routine when I woke up in the morning today. I was always under the impression everything would come to a standstill if I don't have mobile connectivity. Yesterday I did not turn on my cell phone but for setting my wakeup alarm and it has been mostly switched off till now, almost 48 hrs later.

Good friend of 14 years dies


I met her during the summer vacation after my 10th. I still remember the day when my uncle introduced me to her one afternoon while visiting my uncle and aunt at Kottayam. We had been very close friends since then and I look back with a heavy heart, the good times we have had together. She was more than a friend to me and she had a place very close to my heart. She had been unwell lately and this sad demise was in the offing but I never realized that it was going to happen so fast.

Need house / office for Rent in Trivandrum City

Update: I have got three places to move out to. So I am no longer looking for houses :-). Thanks for all those who saw the request and tried to help and all those who saw the request and ignored the request for help and those who saw the request and could not help. I got a house for rent near Kesavadasapuram opposite MG College for my computer sales and services outfit and a doublet house at Muttada for Software development and my residence.

Goodbye Evil World. I leave all my possessions to my twin.

The world is evil and it is not yet ready for a man like me. I have tried my best but I think it is not my time yet. I feel sad to be bidding adieu but I think I have to take leave of you all now. I would like to thank all of you who have helped me directly and indirectly in the past. If I have done anybody any wrong, I apologize from the bottom of my heart. I have never tried to hurt anybody intentionally, I have never tried to be unfair to anybody. I tried my best. All I really wanted to do was to give my best shot at changing the world. Anyway that is another story. I leave all my worldly possessions to my twin brother who will handle all my matters from today onwards. Adieu, brothers and sisters, and uncles and aunts, and grand fathers and grand mothers, Adieu.

Free Chickenpox Immunization Services - Limited time Offer

Ministry of Health, Government of Kerala, announced that free anti-rabies vaccine will be provided to all dog-bite victims in the state. This generosity was triggered by the new intra-dermal vaccine that is far cheaper than the earlier intra-muscular one. Pledging solidarity with the Government's gesture, I will be offering Free Chickenpox immunization for anybody interested.

I became a mere statistic over the last two weeks


The monday before last was yet another normal day at office for me. But towards late evening everything went topsy turvy. It started with a bad bout of vomiting and then was followed by a very high fever. By midnight I was running close to 104 degrees temperature and was delirious. After that I went through the full torture of being a dengue patient for almost two weeks. I am back at work but still feeling the tiredness of the fever.

A new record and a programming competition

I am an 8hr sleep person. If I sleep less than that I normally would end up being groggy the following day. I attribute this requirement to the high levels of mental activity :-). But I don't mind sitting night outs where i don't sleep at all for 24 hrs. Also I used to consider that 5hrs was the barest minimum single stretch of sleep that is worth putting effort into (yes sleeping does require effort). If the amount of sleep I could possibly get was going to be lower than that my normal decision would be to go all the way and sit a night out. I don't remember ever having slept fewer than 5 hrs before today.

Back to work after Freedom Walk


I completed my pilgrimage across Kerala and resumed my life at Zyxware this Monday. Freedom Walk ended on the 14th but then I had to present a paper on Zyxware at the National Conference on Free Software, and was away for the weekend. Back in office I have a tonne of pending stuff to take care of but am slowly getting back on track. I also have a lot to write on my experiences from the Freedom Walk campaign.

Thanks to all people who helped in the GNU/Linux Install Fest at Technopark


The GNU/Linux Install Fest at Technopark concluded successfully on the 5th and we packed and came back to Zyxware after a hectic week at Technopark. We had also deployed India's first Freedom Toaster which currently sits grandly near the reception counter of the Nila building in Technopark. Our complete hardware sales and services operations had come virtually to a standstill during this one week. However it was a big relief to have completed the fest successfully.

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